IGCSE – Primary Std -1

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Our primary level Standard 1 IGCSE course covers all key subjects, including English, mathematics, science, and social studies, ensuring comprehensive preparation for future academic success. Through interactive lessons, hands-on activities, and stimulating discussions, we aim to instill a love for learning and encourage critical thinking skills in our students.

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The Cambridge Pathway, integrated seamlessly into the curriculum, ensures age-appropriate progression, nurturing a holistic development for your child.

  1. Broad and Balanced Education:
    • Introduction: Begin by emphasizing the benefits of offering Cambridge Primary.
    • Broad Scope: Highlight how it provides a comprehensive education for learners.
    • Lifelong Impact: Emphasize the long-term advantages for students in their schooling, work, and life.
  2. Subjects and Opportunities:
    • Ten Subjects: Highlight the diverse range of subjects, including English, mathematics, and science.
    • Creativity and Expression: Mention the platform it provides for developing creativity and expression.
    • Wellbeing: Stress the importance of a balanced approach that also nurtures students’ wellbeing.
  3. Flexibility in Curriculum:
    • Customization: Highlight the flexibility in shaping the curriculum to cater to specific learning styles.
    • Subject Combinations: Emphasize the freedom to offer subjects in any combination.
    • Adaptability: Stress that the curriculum can be adapted to suit the context, culture, and school ethos.
  4. Integration with National Curriculum:
    • Complementary Approach: Explain how many schools seamlessly integrate Cambridge Primary with their national curriculum.
    • Bilingual Programs: Mention the option of incorporating Cambridge Primary into bilingual programs.
    • Enhanced Learning: Highlight the potential for an enriched educational experience by combining different curricular approaches.

During our sessions, we focus on tailoring the learning experience to suit your child’s individual needs, ensuring they not only grasp the fundamental concepts but also cultivate a genuine enthusiasm for learning. Together, we navigate through the diverse subjects covered in Cambridge Primary, fostering a solid understanding of key principles that will serve as building blocks for their academic success.

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