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The Complete Product Management Course


Build a product roadmap through User Research, Prototyping & Product Analysis. Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders with customised specialisation. 1:1 Mentorship.

Exposure to best practices for product success.

  1. Understand Company Goals.
  2. Dialogue with Customers.
  3. Tap Your Sales and Support Teams’ Knowledge.
  4. Use the Product!
  5. Analyze Other Products.
  6. Plan, Execute, Iterate.
  7. Connect with Peers in the Product Management Community.
  8. Further Reading:

What Will I Learn?

  • Benefits of Product Management
  • Strengthen collaboration between internal teams. ...
  • Have a universal translator for technical information. ...
  • Clearly defines expectations. ...
  • Aligns market needs. ...
  • Reduces risk of product failure.

Topics for this course

16 Lessons<span class="tutor-meta-level"> 80</span><span class="tutor-meta-value tutor-color-secondary tutor-mr-4"> hours</span>

Introduction to Product Management?

Product management is the practice of planning, developing, marketing and continuous improvement of a company's product or products. The idea of product ...

How to Come Up with a Killer Product Idea?

Learn how to come up with new product ideas you can sell online in little-to-no time. We'll help you bring your brand-new ideas to life.

Shaping the Product?

The Shape Up Method describes the specific processes used by product development teams to shape, bet, and build meaningful products. It gives teams language and specific techniques to address the risks and unknowns at each stage of product development with the ultimate goal of shipping a great product on time.

Student Feedback

Very Good
2 Reviews

This course is amazing, it is extremely thorough and in depth.

Great starting point for learning Swift. If you have never programmed, or never used Swift it is a great place to start.